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Infinite creation power

An amazing set of learning management features provided by LifterLMS, the best-in-breed LMS for WordPress.

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Teach, don't tech

We take care of the tech, so you can focus on teaching amazing courses, transforming people, and thriving as an education entrepreneur.

Freedom forever

xLP is built entirely on open-source technologies, so you’ll never be locked-in by any vendor. It’s entirely yours, we only help you run the show from backstage.

How we help

xLP All-in-One Subscription​
Experimentor Learning Platform

We packed all the goodies into a game-changing solution that empowers you to build a thriving online education business.

Custom Projects

Yes, it’s customizable, and we can expand it beyond your imagination. There are so many ways to help you thrive in online teaching.

We have solutions for everyone


Are you a Subject Matter Expert (SME), consultant, speaker, or coach?

We help you share your wisdom through online courses without getting bogged down by technology.


Looking to expand your reach, while keeping your existing customers happy?

We help you market your business through online education


Struggling to make learning effective for the entire organization?

We help you strategize, build and run an organizational learning capability for boosting performance.

What our customers say


“Soon after starting to plan the online learning platform we realized that it takes more than technology to make it operational. Sebastian and his team quickly put all pieces together into a coherent project, and now we have a sustainable and ever-growing e-learning capability. Excellent job!”

IT Manager


“Implementing three learning platforms with complex integration requirements was not an easy task. Experimentor team helped us to start small with an MVP and extend it progressively, while proving the business model. All three projects are ongoing, with excellent results. Thank you, Experimentor!”

Project Manager
KU Leuven


“Internet technology is not really my thing, and I never thought I could sell online courses. Sebastian’s team made it possible in no time, and it’s good to know I can count on their help to grow my online teaching practice.”

IP Consultant and Trainer

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